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Copenhagen Malmö port (CMP) is located in the heart of the Oresund Region and is also the region's gateway to the Baltic Sea. The Swedish city of Malmö, jointly operates this commercial harbour with the city of Copenhagen, Malmö lies directly across the straight from Copenhagen and is also connected by the Oresund Bridge. With almost four million customers every year, CMP meets the region's demands for the movement of passengers, consumer goods, new cars, aviation fuel, and many other types of cargo as well as being one of the largest Northern European cruise-ship ports.

Copenhagen Ferry Port facilities

Port facilities include cafes, shops and a bureaux de change.

Getting to Copenhagen Ferry Port

The Copenhagen Ferry Terminal - for Sea Crossings to Norway - is located to the North East of the city just off the main O2 ring-road.

From the South:

Drive down Kalvebod Brygge and Niels Juels Gade. Continue straight ahead to Kongens Nytorv and drive straight out of Bredgade and after that Gronningen. Turn right at Folke Bernadottes Allé (just before Osterbro train station) and drive straight out of Kalkbrænderihavnsgade until you turn right at Dampfærgevej.

From the North:

Drive straight out of Lyngbyvejen and turn left at Jagtvej. Then drive straight ahead on Strandboulevarden about 700m, and turn left at Århusgade for about 300m. Turn right at Kalkbrænderihavnsgade and drive straight ahead until you have to turn left at Dampfærgevej.

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Copenhagen Malmö Port

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Port Addresses


Dampfærgevej 30, 2100, Kobenhavn O, Denmark

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