Oresund Bridge

  • Freight tolls for the Oresund Bridge
    Freight tolls for the Oresund Bridge

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Freight tolls for The Oresund Bridge, linking Sweden and Denmark.

You can use AferryFreight to pre-pay the toll charge for The Oresund Bridge for vans, rigids and artics. The Oresund Bridge is a rail and road bridge-tunnel connecting Malmo in Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.
Drivers included in price
Price is based per vehicle, not drivers.
Hazardous cargo
Hazardous cargo can be transported across the bridge at no extra cost. However, to ensure the safety of other road users certain restrictions apply. Please contact us for further information quoting the UN number, Class and Packaging Group.
Abnormal Loads
Accepted but subject to special conditions and will incur a surcharge. Please contact us for more information. Due to the height in the tunnel, vehicles higher than 4.5m or wider than 7m cannot use the Oresund Link.

About Oresundsbron

For centuries the Oresund strait presented an obstacle for the transportation of passengers and freight between Sweden and Denmark. Although historically several proposals were put forward it was not until 1991 the Danish and Swedish governments signed an agreement to establish a fixed link between the two countries. The Oresund Bridge opened to the public in June 2000.

The Oresund Bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, and connects two major metropolitan areas: Copenhagen, the Danish capital city, and the major Swedish city of Malmö.

Approximately 16 km long, the bridge is a road and rail link consisting of three sections, a bridge, an artifical island and a tunnel.

The bridge runs from the Swedish coast and accounts for half of the length of the link, on the bridge the motorway and railway run on seperate levels, the vehicle traffic on the upper deck and the railway on the lower deck.

Connecting the bridge and the tunnel is the man-made island of Peberholm, the island was built to enable traffic to pass from the bridge to the tunnel. At this point the traffic changes from running on two levels to one level, the railway running alongside the motorway.

From Peberholm, the immersed tunnel is 4km long linking to the Danish island of Amager.

You can use AferryFreight to pre-pay the toll charge for The Oresund Bridge for vans, rigids and artics.

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