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  • Freight Ferries to Latvia
    Freight Ferries to Latvia

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How much is the ferry to Latvia?

Route Price Fare Details
Nynashamn - Ventspils
(Stena Line)
  • Booked: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
  • Travel: Sunday, 11 July 2021 - Friday, 23 July 2021
  • Car + 2

About Latvia

Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic sea, sharing borders with Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, Russia to the east and the Baltic Sea to the west. It consists of fertile lowland plains and moderate hills, with most of its territory less than 100 metres above sea level.

With over 44 percent of its territory covered by forests, a vast network of free flowing rivers and thousands of lakes, Latvia is one of Europe's best preserved havens for a wide variety of wildlife. The climate in Latvia is moderate with distinct seasons. Summers are generally warm and short, Autumn and Spring are relatively mild and rainy, Winter weather is cold and fluctuates a great deal, with some years snowier and colder than others.

Latvian is the official language of the Republic of Latvia. Russian is often spoken as well. Both English and German are spoken to some degree, with English becoming increasingly common.

Driving in Latvia

There are no driving restrictions on weekends or public holidays.

Currently there are no road tolls in Latvia.

It is compulsory to carry the following items of equipment and/or observe specific rules:-

  • First Aid Kit (advised)
  • Warning Triangle
  • Spare Bulbs (advised)
  • Dipped Headlights are compulsory between 1 October and 1 April
  • Seat Belts must be worn

Which route?

Whichever route, AferryFreight can offer you competitive rates and deal with all major UK and European Ferry operators.

You can use this page to view all freight operators into Latvia, their ports and routes, or use our booking engine above to compare all routes to and from Latvia.

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